CILIP’s Copyright Briefing was no April Fool

Write up of CILIP’s Copyright Executive Briefing by Facet author Jane Secker

Libraries, Information Literacy and E-learning

Cats and books On April Fool’s Day, over 190 information professionals gathered in London for the CILIP Copyright Executive briefing but as our chair, Naomi Korn (and Chair of LACA – the Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance ) , told us at the outset this was no April Fool. After almost 10 years in the making, this June the government is set to amend copyright law in the UK, largely for the better of the education and cultural and heritage sectors. The new Statutory Instruments were published last Friday by the Intellectual Property Office and rather than go through line by line what they mean (Ben White, the British Library’s Head of IP has done an excellent job of this already on the CILIP website ) I thought I’d share some key highlights of the day for me. However the new amendments and guidance is also available from the IPO. It’s going to…

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