Original colour photographs from ‘Better Library and Learning Space’ Part 1

In this post you will find the original colour photographs that were reproduced in monochrome in Les Watson’s 2013 book Better Library and Learning Space: Projects, trends, ideas. The first set below are from chapter 1 – UK projects and trends by Les Watson and Jan Howden.  You can read that chapter for free here.

1.1 Ayr

Entrance to the Ayr Campus Library with a window onto the group learning floor above (copyright University of the West of Scotland)

1.2 Forum

View through the Forum showing library ‘buffer zone’ on the right (courtesy of Jisc infoNet)

1.3 Hive

The Atrium (copyright The Hive, Worcester)

1.4 Tiled Hall café, Leeds Central Library

Victorian Arts and Crafts interior in Leeds Central Library, showing the café (copyright Leeds City Council)

1.5 saltire mall

Open Plan services mall in the Saltire Centre showing artwork by Toby Paterson, semi-private ‘igloo’ spaces and a variety of seating and workspace (copyright David Barbour and BDP)


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