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75% off The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook

This practical guide is a must-read for data leaders building the foundation of value creation from data.

– Katia Walsh, Chief Global Data and Analytics Officer, Vodafone


Written by two practising CDOs, The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook offers a jargon-free, practical guide to making better decisions based on data.

The Kindle edition of the Playbook is available for £9.99/$12.99/EUR 9.99 (or your equivalent local price) until Friday 30th November. This is a saving of 75% of the usual price.

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The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook is the best overall resource available for CDOs and their teams. The release of this book is perfectly timed. The CDO Club tracks CDO hires globally, and last year alone the number of new CDO hires quintupled. The Playbook is a compendium of essential knowledge anyone operating in the current data environment must have.

– David Mathison, Chairman, CEO and Founder, CDO Club/CDO Summit

Without any doubt, this playbook is a must read for the primary audience, the CDOs. In my opinion, it is equally a must read for the secondary audience, the C-Suite, for the insight on how the role complements their businesses.

– Sham Kashikar, ex-Chief Data Officer, Sales & Marketing, Intel